Parasites of Birds

Parasites are a common problem with wild birds, so it is always good to refresh yourself about what is essential and what is not. At the end of this video, you'll be able to describe the significance of parasitism in birds, be able to identify some of the common parasites we see with birds, and some of the common clinical signs of parasitism. I will briefly cover how you can collect and send a sample for a faecal egg count. I will also discuss the appropriate treatment for external and internal parasites.

Meet Dr. Janelle Ward

Wildlife Veterinarian
Co-Founder, Learn Bird Care

Dr Janelle Ward is a wildlife veterinarian and with Mandy Robertson formed Learn Bird Care Limited in 2017.

Together they provide online training courses about the health and care of birds, particularly wild birds and rehabilitation. Janelle also works part-time for a wildlife sanctuary called Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, it is a large predator free sanctuary, and she manages the species work at the sanctuary. Janelle also advises the Department of Conservation around wildlife rehabilitation in New Zealand.
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    Parasites of Birds
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