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Learn to care for wild birds

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Learn Bird Care is a training organisation dedicated to upskilling people to capture, handle, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or abandoned birds. We offer face-to-face workshops and online training, including a free introductory course in wild bird rehabilitation. We have been delivering our short courses and workshops in New Zealand since 2014 and went global with our online courses in 2018.  We continuously improve and expand our courses to meet your needs.

Do you want help sick, abandoned or injured wild birds, but are not sure how to help, what you are capable of, or what is involved? Our courses are designed to give you the core information and resources you need to be able to help care for birds. Our free Introductory Course is specifically for people who know only a little about wild bird rescue and care but are interested to know more:  Why do people rehabilitate wildlife? Is it worthwhile? What equipment and resources do you need? Will the birds make it back to full health? After participating in this course, you may decide that wild bird rescue is not for you, or you might be so inspired that you can’t wait to know more!  Our paid courses are a big step up and are designed to give you all the tools and information you need to help any bird in need, including sick pet or aviary birds as the principles and techniques are the same!

We invite you to join us on a journey of learning and gain insight into the wonderful world of bird care! If you want to stay in touch, please join our mailing list, send us an email or follow our blog.


What we offer

We offer both face-to-face workshops and online courses

Face-to-Face Learning

Our workshops are usually run on a request basis, and are hosted by other organisations.

Morepork chick

About us

Dr Janelle Ward

Wildlife Veterinarian

Janelle is a New Zealand-based vet with a Master’s degree in Wildlife Health and is a member of the Australian & NZ College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in Avian Health.

Janelle has worked in all aspects of wildlife health since 2007, including avian medicine, wildlife disease, oiled wildlife response and conservation. She has a particular interest in wildlife rehabilitation and is currently a trustee for the national wildlife rehabilitation group (WReNNZ). She provides technical advice for the NZ Department of Conservation in Wildlife Rehabilitation and co-ordinates the species work for a large ecosanctuary.

Janelle has also completed a Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education and has 3 years of teaching experience in Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing.

Janelle is passionate about the quality care of wild birds and encourages others to help rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife.

Mandy Robertson

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Mandy began rehabilitating birds in 2003 and has hands on experience in raising and caring for a huge range of NZ wild bird species. She has helped to hatch and raise threatened species for the NZ Department of Conservation for release to the wild. She volunteered for many years on the Committee of the Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of NZ, helping to raise their profile and designed their website.

Mandy always worked to a very high standard with her dedicated bird treatment room at her rehabilitation centre, and over the years developed great aviary designs for different species. Mandy believes that people should no longer need to learn from trial and error when it comes to wild bird rescue and care. She founded and continues to run the Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust, that supported her directly in the large wildlife rehabilitation centre she used to run.

Mandy and the Trust now help to create education and training programmes and provide support materials for wildlife rehabilitators. Mandy enjoys trying her hand at design and technology and loves to create educational materials that people find practical and easy to use.


How we give back

Learn Bird Care actively supports our community by:


Offering free and reasonably priced courses so that anyone can learn the essentials of bird care.

Donating a percentage of all proceeds to Wild Bird Care Charitable Trust for their support, and who actively supports wildlife rehabilitation in New Zealand.

Contributing to workshop hosts by donation of time, resources and/or a percentage of proceeds.

Sharing knowledge and/or resources with "fledgling" rehabilitators.


What People are Saying

Great job!

Super informative for any newbies wanting to know what is involved. Beautifully put together.

Just trialled the course and I think it provides wonderful, useful content for people interested in wildlife rehabilitation.

Great stuff!

Great little introduction to be able to consider the full responsibilities and commitment needed to be able to become a wild bird rehabilitator. 

Kylie Martin

Sabrina Luecht

Cheryl Mitchell

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